About Us

We began our journey as personal trainers, colleagues and friends. We recognised that we each brought different qualities to the table, yet had the same collective goal – delivering results within a fun, uplifting environment.

We launched the Bootcamp in 2010 as a four-week weight loss competition. We got such incredible results, we realised we had to keep it going.

Over the next ten years, we evolved the Bootcamp into what we offer today – an effective, motivating fitness programme that runs every day of the week, offering a variety of sessions both outdoors and online.

Based on science-led methodology and listening to what works for our members, we’ve added new elements, subtracted anything that wasn’t effective, and continue to work on our formula for bringing the best to you.

The amazing results we get consistently have helped us to successfully bring together a growing community of people working to achieve their goals, who enjoy training together.

Jez Ranger. Elliot Favell, Dan Barnes, The River Club Bootcamp
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Jez Ranger, Elliot Favell, Dan Barnes

Our Team

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Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor

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Pilates Instructor

Sales, Marketing & Social Media Manager

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