What Exactly Does the Bootcamp Offer?

Hi there!

If you don’t know us already, we’re The River Club Bootcamp, an outdoor fitness company based in Surrey, UK.


Kicked off in 2010 by Dan Barnes, Jez Ranger and Elliot Favell – three friends, colleagues and experienced personal trainers, the bootcamp was initially a four-week, fun but intensive fitness programme. Demand continued to grow, leading us to develop into a full-time staple in our members’ fitness and wellbeing routines. 

We pride ourselves on delivering results, as well as providing a fun and supportive environment for our members to work on their wellbeing. 

We offer full memberships, which include our Running Club and Boxing sessions, as well as all things bootcamp – such as High Intensity Interval Training, Chippers and AMRAPS. We use equipment such as battle ropes, slam balls, kettle bells and core bags, all supervised by our highly experienced personal trainers. 

Two triathlons and a half marathon.

Never in a million years did I think that possible.

With this full membership, you also gain access to all of our virtual fitness classes, as hosted by our instructors, which include Conditioning, Yoga and Pilates. We offer Full Body Composition Analysis in your membership, recommended once per month, to effectively track and optimise your results

There is also an Online Only membership, at a reduced price, with full access to up to 26 virtual sessions per month. With all memberships, we provide a free monthly recipe book, to help you stay healthy, well-fuelled and further maximise the results of all your effort. 

In future posts, we’ll dig a little further into all of the different fitness jargon we use, in order to help you understand how it all works and how exactly we do deliver these results for our members. 

In the meantime, head on over to our socials and give us a follow. We regularly post motivational content, as well as keeping in touch with our lovely members and the wider fitness community. You can see pictures and videos of what we get up to, as well as testimonials.

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If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t worry. You can book a free one-week trial here. No obligation. Try out the different sessions we offer before deciding which membership option is for you!

All the best from the whole team!
The River Club Bootcamp


Posted by Naomi Baseley